Cheap shower seal cleaning hack will remove mould and make it look brand new

Thanks to TikTok, many of us have started to find cleaning our homes quite therapeutic, and rather than dreading it, looking forward to making surfaces sparkle and grout gleam. One thing that can be extremely difficult to clean, however, is the shower seal in the bathroom. It can start to look mucky really quickly, but one TikToker has shown there’s a way around it.

Content creator @cleanwith_kayleigh shared a hack that she admitted isn’t ‘perfect’ but it does the job. She then said ‘sometimes you just need to get the bleach out’, as this is her go-to product for this.

The video starts with a description of what she’s doing – cleaning the shower seal. It then shows her easily removing it from the bottom of the glass pane.

She then begins to fill her bath up with water and pours bleach in it as it runs to properly disinfect all the grime which builds up over time on the seal.

She then throws the shower seal into the bubbly bleach mixture and uses the shower head to rinse it off when she’s finished.

Surprisingly, when Kayleigh holds the seal up to the camera, it looks sparkling – 100 times cleaner than it did before she used the bleach on it.

She then reattaches it and it looks as good as new.

People loved the hack, with some saying they were shocked at how good it looked with just bleach.

One wrote: “I do this! But I use a toothbrush to get right in there.”

Someone else asked was there an alternative to bleach, and Kayleigh replied: “You could use the mold and mildew spray and use a scrubbing brush to get into it? I just found it easier to soak it and let it do its own thing!”

Another TikToker recommended: “Washing up liquid” as an alternative to bleach, which some may not want to use.

“I put the bleach inside it and leave it overnight, comes right up”, another wrote.

Someone praised: “Can’t beat a bit of bleach!”