Terrified dog trapped inside dark cupboard for three days looks for new home

A woman who knowingly left her dog trapped in a service shaft for three days has been jailed. Cindy Hancock, 36, from Battersea, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering “both physically and psychologically” to her two dogs, Oscar and Maya.

Cindy knew her black spaniel Maya had fallen the height of an entire floor in a block of flats, but left her there for 72 hours before seeking help. The London Fire Brigade assisted the RSPCA in the rescue mission and took the traumatised dog straight to a local vet, where it was discovered she had numerous health issues.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Mat Hawkins said: “Cindy Hancock showed me the hole where Maya was stuck down and confirmed that the dog had been there for three days before she called fire and rescue.

“The hole was so deep I didn’t manage to see the bottom of the area.”

Speaking about Maya in a witness statement, a vet said: “It is deeply concerning that the dog was left in a service shaft for that period of time, during which her needs were not met and she would have suffered both physically and psychologically.”

The other pooch, named Oscar, was taken with Maya to be seen by a vet at RSPCA Finsbury Park Animal Hospital and both dogs were recorded underweight and suffering with eye infections.

A vet told Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court: “It is extremely clear in this case that through ignoring the eye injury, failing to provide adequate nutrition and failing to rescue the dog from the service shaft as quickly as possible, the owner’s actions have resulted in significant and unnecessary suffering.”

On June 17, Cindy was found guilty of five offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, sentenced to a total of 35 weeks imprisonment and disqualified from owning all animals for 10 years.

Oscar and Maya recovered well in the care of the RSPCA, and now that the case has concluded, can both be found loving new homes.