4 North Koreans Executed to Death

Four residents of North Korea (North Korea) went through open executions in Pyongyang. They are blamed for dispersing “illicit video material” including South Korean movies, music, or distributions.

As announced by the Daily NK, Monday (15/3/2021), it was expressed that the executions were done on March 2 at the Daewon-ri Shooting Range in Sadong District, Pyongyang. The four, including three men and one lady, were executed by terminating crew before nearby residents and the top of Pyongyang’s inminban (an association like natural guard dogs).

Those executed were occupants of Hadang-dong, a zone in Hyongjae District, Pyongyang. The executions were started by a man in his 50s and his significant other, who are in their 40s, who are blamed for putting South Korean movies, diversion and music programs on SD cards and appropriating them across North Korea.

It is realized that the four individuals utilized strategies by selling fake cigarettes with SD cards containing South Korean substance which were then conveyed all through the locale.

Doubt has emerged since last August 2020, when numerous individuals in Hadang-dong region, an area that makes counterfeit cigarettes, saw the couple out of nowhere get rich. The couple even set up a little manufacturing plant outfitted with creation hardware close to their home that utilizes 30 to 40 individuals.

This doubt was fortified after another couple, who were responsible for working a vehicle to convey counterfeit cigarettes to different spots, discovered something weird. They added an additional case for the phony cigarette shipment.

In January, they supplanted one of the extra boxes and checked what was inside and discovered that it was loaded with SD cards. Subsequent to affirming that the SD card was loaded with different video content from South Korea, they revealed the couple to the Ministry of State Security.

The couple’s case was sent from the Ministry of State Security to Pyongyang’s war room, and afterward two different laborers in their 30s who were paid by the couple to duplicate SD cards, were additionally captured.

The specialists discovered numerous SD cards made in China at the couple’s home. Pyongyang’s war room requested that the couple disclose to them who gave them the SD card, however they additionally said they didn’t have the foggiest idea.

A few cases that since August a year ago they got a case with a few USBs in it and don’t have a clue who put it in the cigarette case.

Tokyo Offered 1 Million Yen To Move To Aichi

Tokyo Offered 1 Million Yen To Move To Aichi

Living amidst the city of Tokyo here and there makes the residents tired of it, from the expense of costly living to the cost of the house that from the time of the structure is higher. Numerous individuals start to dream to move to a calmer spot, the fantasy can be acknowledged through the Aichi government relocation Assistance Program which offers incredible financing for Tokyo inhabitants to move to Aichi prefecture.

Tokyo Offered 1 Million Yen To Move To Aichi

Tokyo Offered 1 Million Yen To Move To Aichi

The assistance of the assets offered is 600.000 yen for the unmarried, and for families with at least 2 relatives will get help of 1 million yen. The fascinating thing is we don’t need to move to the rustic territory, help will be given also on the off chance that it moved to one of the towns of 49 urban areas in Aichi Prefecture, including Nagoya (the fourth biggest city in Japan), just as the acclaimed memorable Inuyama city With its palace being one of the most seasoned unique strongholds in Japan.

Tokyo Offered 1 Million Yen To Move To Aichi

Tokyo Offered 1 Million Yen To Move To Aichi

This help additionally applies not exclusively to those living in focal Tokyo, yet in addition for individuals living in close by prefectures, for example, Kanagawa, Saitama, or Chiba that work in 23 Tokyo area. This help applies to occupants who have worked in 23 Tokyo regions for a long time and are anxious to remain in Aichi for a long time.

The idea of such help is intriguing in light of the fact that the measure of cash is without question whenever utilized in Aichi prefecture that by and large cost its life less expensive than with Tokyo.